Argiflex – Bedlam Tapes Release USA Tour 2016

Argiflex is going to lay waste to the Interstates of the Eastern half of the USA during November with their live hardware-based noisy breakbeat acid techno to promote their release coming out on Bedlam Tapes (release announcement on October 20th.) Pasmoi (Cleveland MS harsh noise) is coming along as tour support road warrior. Check out the Facebook event page of the tour for all the information!



P.S. the above image is at a 1080p resolution so it could make a great computer wallpaper


I’m back from tour and I’ve kind of fallen off of the face of the planet for a while but I’m working on some new music using a sampler that I’ve just recently learned the ins and outs of, and I’m also working on a retrospective tour diary so that you can read about it and wonder why I phrase things that way.

Also, here’s a video of some experimental harsh acid techno that I made using just one groovebox. It has a weird wall of noise at the end but I like it: