Argiflex – Bedlam Tapes Release USA Tour 2016

Argiflex is going to lay waste to the Interstates of the Eastern half of the USA during November with their live hardware-based noisy breakbeat acid techno to promote their release coming out on Bedlam Tapes (release announcement on October 20th.) Pasmoi (Cleveland MS harsh noise) is coming along as tour support road warrior. Check out the Facebook event page of the tour for all the information!



P.S. the above image is at a 1080p resolution so it could make a great computer wallpaper


Hello fans, friends, and fam!

I am very excited to announce to you all that my new album CYBERSMOG is coming out Demeber 15th 2015! It is a result of 2.5 years of work put into a hardware live set, translated into a studio environment as part of my audio engineering degree’s senior project.

On the more technical side of this, I started off by multitracking the instruments and outboard effects in Pro Tools for editing and mixing instead of plugging them all into my mixer and recording the output of that. All of the audio and time-based effects are recorded outboard gear, and the only in-the-box mixing I did was volume leveling, panning, dynamics control, and a sprinkling of spatial spreading.

The album will be distributed online worldwide to services such as iTunes, Spotify, and Apply Music: in addition to a Bandcamp album page and physical copies to sell at shows. A tape copy may be coming soon.

Here are links to the download pages, and also the album art [design by Alfred English]

Apple Music:

Album release shows:
01/02/15 – Jackson MS @ Big Sleepy’s
01/22/15 – Cleveland MS @ Mosquito Burrito

CYBERSMOG art by Alfred English

Album Art


I have 3 upcoming EPs that will all be released simultaneously. One is wavewave music, another is acid techno, and the third is Lego Island music. I have to work on the art and actual production of them because they’re all recorded/mixed/mastered. In the meantime, here is a picture of me with a piece of gear that I got in the mail today that I’m really excited about.